The Common Sense Latino Story

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The Common Sense Latino Story

Researched-backed, community-grounded resources for Spanish-speaking families.

Common Sense was founded in 2003 to help all families make smart media choices. Since the beginning, we have looked for ways to serve Spanish-speaking families. In 2007, media outreach efforts helped us spread the word about our work in the Latino community. In 2009, we launched our pioneering Digital Citizenship Curriculum in schools nationwide -- and made sure our classroom materials were also available in Spanish.

As part of our 2015–2017 strategic plan, our senior leadership team decided to launch a full initiative to serve Latino families. As a result, Common Sense Latino was launched in August 2015. Our comprehensive approach blends culture and language to connect with Latino families and respond to their unique media and technology needs. Today, we have an engaged and growing community online and offline. We support lower-income Latino families with practical advice, educational technology tools, and much more to help them thrive in today's fast-paced digital world.

Watch the Common Sense Latino video collection to learn more about our program and hear stories from the families who inspire our daily work.

For more information on how you can get involved and help grow our program, please contact:

Maria Alvarez
Vice President, Common Sense Latino
[email protected]

Rebecca Randall
Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships and Regional Growth
[email protected]

Latino Outreach Latino Outreach 2016
2015: Latino Starts Taking Form
The beginning of our story shows a national campaign in partnership with Univision that allows us to reach the Latino community through the media and on the ground. In parallel, we launch Common Sense Latino, a dedicated space within the website, and start building our content library.
2016: Entering Year 2
As we wrap up the campaign with Univision, we focus our efforts on media syndication and social media partners. One of our early wins: A local story that airs on Univision 14 (Northern California) based on our white paper about body image receives an Emmy.
Latino Outreach Latino Outreach
2017: Latina Moms Know …
With a touch of humor, some of our frequent users tell us about their families' experiences with media and technology. Latina moms are not afraid of setting rules for media use, they know technology is important, and they love Common Sense Latino.
2017: Mary Chuy's Story
We share the story of a Mexican immigrant who came to the U.S. looking for better opportunities for her family. On top of the challenges she faces as an immigrant, she has to deal with the ever-changing world of technology that her kids are consumed by. Common Sense Latino provides the support she needs to navigate the digital world.
Latino Outreach Latino Story
2018: Our On-the-Ground Work in Los Angeles
The video that made us one of the finalists of the My LA2050 Activation Challenge explains in depth our work on the ground with Latino families in Los Angeles. This is how we connect with parents who don't have email accounts but who want to guide their children and don't know where to start.
Common Sense Latino: The Whole Story
This is the story of how Common Sense Latino evolved to become a full program that reaches Latino families through multiple channels. This video shows how we went from media outreach to a program that combines high-quality content, social media presence, and syndication partnerships with on-the-ground efforts.
Latino Outreach
2018: Outdoor Screening of Coco in Spanish
Hundreds of Latino families gathered in LA State Historic Park in a culturally immersive event with children's Ballet Folklórico groups, mariachi youth, pintacaritas (face painting), and a screening of Disney Pixar's Coco en español with English subtitles. Kids, parents, and abuelitos celebrated their heritage and received fun giveaways as well as Common Sense Latino resources.

La historia de Common Sense Latino

Recursos en español para familias Latinas basados en investigaciones e inspirados en la comunidad.

Common Sense fue fundada como organización sin ánimos de lucro (non-profit) en el 2003 para ayudar a las familias a tomar decisiones inteligentes con respecto a los medios. Desde el comienzo, buscamos formas de servir a las familias Latinas que hablan español. En el 2007 nuestra presencia en los medios de comunicación nos ayudó a correr la voz sobre nuestro trabajo en la comunidad latina. En el 2009, lanzamos nuestro curriculum de ciudadanía digital en escuelas a nivel nacional y nos aseguramos de que los materiales para el salón de clases también estuvieran disponibles en español.

Fue en el plan estratégico del 2015-17 que nuestro equipo ejecutivo decidió comenzar una iniciativa para las familias latinas. Common Sense Latino fue lanzado en Agosto del 2015. Nuestro enfoque integral mezcla la cultura con el lenguaje para conectar con las familias latinas y responder a sus necesidades únicas de uso de los medios y la tecnología. Hoy, tenemos una comunidad activa tanto en línea y como en las comunidades. Apoyamos a las familias latinas de bajos recursos al brindarles consejos prácticos, herramientas tecnológicas educativas y mucho más para ayudarlas a ser exitosas en este cambiante y rápido mundo digital.

Mira la colección de videos sobre Common Sense Latino para enterarte de lo que ofrece nuestro programa y escuchar las historias de familias latinas que inspiran nuestro trabajo a diario.

Para más información sobre cómo involucrarte y ayudarnos a continuar creciendo, por favor contacta a:

Maria Alvarez
Vicepresidente, Common Sense Latino
[email protected]

Latino Outreach Latino Outreach
2017: Las mamás latinas saben...
Con un toque de humor, algunas de nuestras usuarias frecuentes nos cuentan las experiencias de sus familias con los medios y la tecnología. Las mamás latinas saben que la tecnología es importante, no dudan en poner reglas de uso de los medios y les encanta Common Sense Latino.
2017: La historia de Mary Chuy
La historia de una inmigrante mexicana que vino a los Estados Unidos buscando mejores oportunidades para su familia. Además de las dificultades que enfrenta como inmigrante, tiene que lidiar con los cambios de la tecnología que usan sus hijos. Common Sense Latino ha sido el apoyo que necesita para navegar el mundo digital.