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Kids watch YouTube just as much (or more!) than traditional TV. Get to know the vast world of YouTube -- from unboxing videos to DIY tutorials -- and decide which popular channels are right for your kids.

AMAZE TV Poster Image
Engaging sex ed videos help families navigate puberty.
WWE TV Poster Image
YouTube channel puts wrestling videos at fans' fingertips.
VanossGaming TV Poster Image
Language, violence hinder YouTuber's gaming channel.
Channel Frederator TV Poster Image
Fascinating color commentary for cartoon superfans.
RomanAtwoodVlogs TV Poster Image
Viral videos mine star's, family's lives for entertainment.
CaptainSparklez TV Poster Image
Minecraft maven beloved for his "Let's Play" vids, parodies.
Logan Paul TV Poster Image
Young dude loves his fans -- especially when they buy merch.
Liza Koshy TV Poster Image
Silly, zesty comedy videos have some off-color content.
Tyler Oakley TV Poster Image
Sweet, honest Oakley offers message of acceptance for teens.
SoulPancake TV Poster Image
Thought-provoking videos have lots of positive messages.
FBE TV Poster Image
Funny reaction videos and skits can be crude.
ChuChu TV TV Poster Image
Exceptional channel teaches young kids with songs, rhymes.
ToyScouter TV Poster Image
Costumed play has some violence, lots of product placement.
Seven SuperGirls TV Poster Image
Lots of silly skits that tweens will either love or hate.
SciShow TV Poster Image
Answers to serious, silly, and some sexy science questions.
Khan Academy TV Poster Image
Educational videos are an exceptional resource for students.
Smosh TV Poster Image
Long-running comedy channel has language, iffy jokes.
Little Baby Bum TV Poster Image
Songs, rhymes, and vibrant animation for preschoolers.
Jake Paul TV Poster Image
Pranks, "merch," and controversy fuel this popular YouTuber.
Rosanna Pansino TV Poster Image
Sugary sweet host bakes up treats, promotes products.
PopularMMOs TV Poster Image
Married duo plays mostly Minecraft, does some gross stuff.
My Life as Eva TV Poster Image
Fashion and comedy vids have tons of product placement.
Vsauce TV Poster Image
Intelligent, fun-loving science learning worth watching.
Niki and Gabi TV Poster Image
Likable twins skewer teen life, push products at teens.
Joey Graceffa TV Poster Image
Cute, likable guy makes teens laugh, feel accepted.
Good Mythical Morning TV Poster Image
Gross food, lots of laughs between two buddies.
Family Fun Pack TV Poster Image
Popular, mild videos chronicle a real family's adventures.
DanTDM TV Poster Image
Fun, relatable Minecraft-heavy gamer usually kid-friendly.
Super Simple Songs TV Poster Image
Lively music videos incorporate preschool learning concepts.
Bethany Mota TV Poster Image
Super sweet, funny, and stylish host for wannabe fans.
Jenna Marbles TV Poster Image
Comedic character loves her dogs, boyfriend, hair dye.
Stampylonghead TV Poster Image
Minecraft-heavy vids are harmless fun for young gamers.
Ryan Toys Review TV Poster Image
Popular unboxing vids are heavy on the commercialism.
PewDiePie TV Poster Image
Rowdy, raunchy channel with mostly gaming, lots of cursing.
Jacksepticeye TV Poster Image
Gaming humor includes dangerously mixed messages, cursing.
Danisnotonfire TV Poster Image
YouTuber regales his awkward moments in funny, salty videos.
EvanTube HD TV Poster Image
Engaging young host shares variety of fun content for kids.
nigahiga TV Poster Image
Laugh-out-loud funny parodies for teens; some iffy dares.
Markiplier TV Poster Image
YouTuber can be funny and weird or shocking and crude.