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Brilliant Educational Program

Am surprised at the low rating.. have been using this app wih my daughter since she was about 18 months old.. it is a regular part of our home learning as she requests it daily and 2 weeks away from her 3rd birthday can already recognise all upper and lower case letters, read basic CVC words.. use a number line, add, subtract, divide etc. I couldn't recommend it enough! Agnitus is easy to use, child friendly, entertaining, and customisable. It also provides a handy and in depth analysis of your child's progress and moves them along with more challenging games as they progress, my daughter is already working at the 4+ level... I'd recommend this app to anyone who is sick of the multitude of pointless mind numbing apps directed at children as it is fun and educational and perfect as a support to homeschooling!

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age 4+

My kid's favorite app - Hands Down!

I'm surprised at the average 3 star learning review. I've seen first hand with both my kids the impact this program has had - the "intuitive" play of this program is easy despite what the review says... unlike a lot of apps that require a lot of text instruction that my child can't do on their own (which frustrates my 5 year old as she wants to do everything on her own) - this program just starts running as soon as one of my children picks their picture and with the games changing from skill to skill on it's own, both my kids will keep interested for a good amount of time (which is great for when we're trying to get dinner on the table!) I actually will lock them in on guided access and it's like having an entire iPad of 40+ apps just for them. Not only does it keep their interest but I'm also able to see what they learned and areas they are struggling which is important to us for our 5 year old. It's helped us focus on some areas of math that she was struggling with which we were able to address with her teacher at school and she's now doing great. My youngest started using this at 2 years old and within 2 months - she was correctly picking out the right colors of balloons and the basic swinging shapes in the games. She was hardly speaking those words yet she could identify them both in the games and in "real life" when we asked her. Best investment for your child if and when they (or you) need some screen time.