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age 4+


It's great and really funny! As long as you know the person and know that they won't mind, it's a on for 4&up !
age 6+


Just for fun. But gets boring very quickly. They do the same thing to every face. It can be funny, nothing good or bad about this app. Just plain funniness.
age 4+

Funny, but don't try it on strangers!

I don't get what's so mean about taking a picture of your friend, then showing it to them and say a sarcastic comment like "Whoa, you've gained weight!" I wouldn't reccomend going up to some stranger and doing that...that may not turn out well. But my personal opinion is that as long as you know the person you're going to FatBooth, there is absolutely no problem in it!
age 12+

Plain mean/Iffy

This app is just used to make people fat, as the review says. I personally hate it, and would not reccomend it. It can be silly, and all that, but this app is just better left alone.
age 7+

really funny!

dont see any problem
age 4+