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Listening to Indigenous Voices: Podcast Episodes for the Whole Family

From folktales to environmental justice, these episodes help kids learn about Indigenous cultures and experiences.

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To get a full picture of the past and present-day world, kids need to understand the experiences and contributions of Indigenous communities. Podcasts are a great way to hear stories from Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in their own voices.

In addition to our recommendations of podcasts by Indigenous creators, this special list of episodes celebrates the diversity of Indigenous experiences, cultures, and traditions. Find fun and informative listens for kids of all ages.

Little Kids

Stories Podcast cover image

Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages (5+): Classic tales and original stories with moral lessons.

Busy Kids Love Music podcast cover record player yellow background

Busy Kids Love Music (5+): Worldly music education for kids, fun for all ages. The website includes a recommended playlist and additional learning resources for each episode.

  • "Powwow Music": An informative episode about the role of music in modern Native American powwows.

The Children's Hour podcast cover

The Children's Hour (6+): A radio variety show based out of New Mexico that's educational, musical, and inclusive.

  • "Celebrating Indigenous People": The music and art of Indigenous cultures from around the world are featured, along with learning resources on the episode page.

Who, When, Wow! podcast cover

Who, When, Wow! (7+): Not your average history show. This fun and engaging podcast highlights diverse heroes of history.

Big Kids

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls podcast cover

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (7+): Based on the well-known book series, this podcast offers inspiring tales of diverse women who've persevered and who have and still are changing the world for the better.

  • "Rigoberta Menchú Read by Rebeca Lane": Hear the story of the Maya human rights activist from Guatemala who was the first Indigenous person, and ninth woman, to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

What Will She Do Next? podcast cover

What Will She Do Next? (7+): Dynamic musicals of notable women in history for kids.

  • "Maria Tallchief": The inspiring story of the first Native American prima ballerina is retold in this musical about her life and the challenges she overcame.

Cultureverse podcast cover

Cultureverse (8+): Modern takes on diverse cultural folktales.

  • "Gitli": A story based on the Cherokee myth called "The Deluge."

Pre-Teens and Teens

Sarah Jones Breaks it Down podcast cover

Sarah Jones Breaks it Down (10+): A diverse news podcast for kids that highlights important current events, lesser-covered stories, and media literacy.

1 Point 5 podcast cover

1 Point 5 (11+): A youth-led podcast that showcases hopeful conversation on climate justice.

  • "How Is Indigenous Sovereignty Related to Air Quality?": Indigenous activist Jaike Spotted Wolf explains how Indigenous sovereignty is connected to fossil fuel pipelines, and why sovereignty is a necessary climate justice solution. The episode website provides educational resources.

This Day in History Class podcast cover

This Day in History Class (11+): Bite-size daily history that older kids and adults will eat up.

  • "Wilma Mankiller": An introduction to the Native American activist, social worker, community developer, and the first woman elected to serve as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast cover

Stuff You Missed in History Class (14+): A history podcast centering marginalized and unknown stories.

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