Podcasts That Feature Indigenous Voices and Stories

Indigenous peoples and communities have long been misrepresented and underrepresented in mainstream media. As we strive to teach our children about the rich culture and history that makes up the world around them, it's important to help them understand the expansiveness of Indigenous cultures and the rich contributions of Native communities. This thoughtful list highlights podcasts that celebrate and elevate the diversity of Indigenous peoples, including Native American, First Nations, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and other Indigenous cultures across Central and South America. Children and families with Indigenous heritage can hear voices and stories that reflect their own experiences and those of their ancestors. Non-Indigenous kids can expand their view of the world by listening to stories and experiences of Native cultures, as well as learning languages and traditions. Whether it's a fun folktale or a show on sustainability and environmental justice, these screen-free selections will inspire families and kids of all ages. If you're on the lookout for other picks that celebrate Indigenous heritage, make sure to check out Books with Native American Characters or Movies & TV Shows That Celebrate Indigenous Peoples.

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Circle Round poster

Circle Round

age 2+

Diverse folktales boast star-worthy cast, great messages.

Production company: WBUR (Average run time: 19 minutes)
Molly of Denali Podcast Poster

Molly of Denali

age 4+

Authentic, diverse, and fun prequel to TV series.

Production company: GBH Kids , Gen-Z Media , PBS Kids , PRX (Average run time: 11 minutes)
Animal paw print above the words Warrior Kids Podcast.

Warrior Kids Podcast

age 6+

Educational & inspiring celebration of Indigenous cultures.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 15 minutes)
The Mayan Crystal Poster

The Mayan Crystal

age 8+

Mayan folklore-inspired adventure, light peril.

Production company: Gen-Z Media , Wondery (Average run time: 15 minutes)
YAI Podcast poster

Young & Indigenous

age 8+

Preserving Indigenous culture through youth voices.

Production company: Children of the Setting Sun Productions (Average run time: 40 minutes)
Cultureverse poster


age 8+

Modern takes on diverse cultural folktales; light peril.

Production company: Studio Ochenta , TRAX from PRX (Average run time: 20 minutes)
Indigenous Earth Community Podcast product image

Indigenous Earth Community Podcast

age 10+

Indigenous leaders discuss environmental justice.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 34 minutes)
Toasted Sister Podcast poster

Toasted Sister Podcast

age 10+

Insightful exploration of Indigenous culture through food.

Production company: Native Voice One - NV1 (Average run time: 30 minutes)
All My Relations Podcast Logo

All My Relations

age 14+

Discussions of Indigenous experiences, some mature themes.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 54 minutes)