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Sensical Selections for Kids

These 15 awesome video playlists are sure to include your kid's new favorites … and they won't even know they're age appropriate!

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These days, it's a challenge to find kid-friendly content that delivers on both entertainment value and safety. That's where the Sensical Select(™) Badge program comes in: These shows, chosen by our partners at Sensical from Common Sense Networks, have been vetted for age appropriateness—every video on Sensical has been watched by a real, live person!—as well as their ability to spark curiosity and inspire both learning and fun. Whether your kid is exploring a new topic or deep-diving further into a tried-and-true interest, these picks are Sensical's cream of the crop. And what's here is only some of what they have to offer—discover many more kid-safe videos from awesome creators now playing on Sensical.

Adventure Seekers

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Finding treasures, helping others, and discovering new things along the way are just some of the activities you'll find on these shows. Kids will be inspired to be brave, curious, and open to all kinds of new experiences.

Animal Lovers

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From learning about habitats and nutrition to how different animals communicate, there's always something new to discover about the many species we share the planet with. These shows explore the wild world of animals.

Arts & Crafts Enthusiasts

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Cut, glue, paint, and draw along with fun DIY videos, or learn more about famous art pieces hanging in museums all around the world.

Chefs & Bakers

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There's always something tasty on the menu here! Kids can follow along as hosts demonstrate how to make delicious recipes and share best practices for kitchen safety.


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Check out these shows to learn more about dinosaurs and life in the Mesozoic era, all while singing along with adorable hosts.

Puzzle Prodigies

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Approaching a game or puzzle with a can-do attitude and willingness to see things in a new way helps kids foster both problem-solving skills and creativity.

History Buffs

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There are so many questions to ask about the past, but where to start? These shows provide engaging and accurate information about diverse peoples, places, and events.

Dance & Movement Fanatics

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Fun physical activities do more than get kids off the couch: They can also help develop healthy self-identity and willingness to try new things. Jump into these shows to learn new dance moves, stretching techniques, and more.

Music Appreciators

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By experimenting with sound, kids can find their voice and learn different ways to express themselves. Find sing-alongs, music videos, and fun instruments on these tuneful shows.

Nature Explorers

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The knowledgeable hosts of these shows provide road maps for sustainable learning, fun facts about the great outdoors, and advice on how to make the world a better place.

Space Cadets

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The universe is massive. Understanding it can be complex, but these shows break it down into straightforward, simple concepts that are easy to follow.

Science Experimenters

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These shows encourage kids to experiment in fields like biology, geology, and health through accessible videos that have the potential to inspire budding young scientists.

Sports Fans

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Being a good sport is important both on and off the field. These shows encourage kids to stay active, appreciate the art of teamwork, and ultimately learn that hard work pays off.

Transportation Geeks

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Planes, trains, boats, and more—these shows are full of stories that feature vehicles, each with their own quirks and complex inner workings (perfect to capture the interest of future engineers).

Video Gamers

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Through how-to guides that break down even the most challenging gameplay, the hosts on these shows can help kids learn strategic ways to navigate games and build unique virtual worlds.

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These titles were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical, a free service from the for-profit Common Sense Networks.

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