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YouTube Kids Channels for Nature Lovers

Educational channels for explorers of the great outdoors, from the backyard all the way to outer space.

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Adventure is out there—and it's also here, on these channels! From volcano eruptions to sustainable farming, wildlife to wild berries, there's a big world out there just waiting to be discovered. Whether your kid is curious about what astronauts do in space or is looking for fun animal facts to wow their friends, these channels provide outstanding road maps for exploring nature, the solar system, and much more.

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their hands-on approach to nature appreciation and sustainability, helping make the world a better place for everyone.

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Tractor Ted (age 2–4)

Who knows how to tend to the land better than Tractor Ted? Preschoolers will quickly fall for this friendly animated host and his cheerful tales of farming and caring for animals. Plant some seeds, count some corn, and pull on your field boots—it's time to head to the farm!

Andy's Amazing Adventures (age 2–7)

This world is full of incredible wonders, and Andy Day is determined to explore every one of them. Visit all corners of the Earth to learn about animals from the past and present, as well as their unique habitats. With his high-quality visuals and engaging commentary, Andy is sure to entertain and educate viewers big and small.

In a World Music Kids – The Nirks (age 2–7)

Kids can blast off on a musical and educational journey to outer space with the Nirks. These endearing puppets sing catchy songs that teach about everything from black holes and meteor showers to galaxies and moons. Sing, dance, and learn along with these delightful music videos.

Wildlife Crystal (age 2–7)

Animal specialist Wildlife Crystal and her hilarious animated co-host, Kaia the Koala, teach kids fun, educational facts about animals and their environments. With Crystal and Kaia, you're certain to learn something new.

Socratica Kids (age 2–10)

Put on your thinking caps, because Socratica Kids is ready to put your intellect to the test. How do volcanoes work? Why do leaves change color? What defines a planet? All of these questions and more are answered through this channel's thoughtful videos, which are made for learners of all ages.

Animal Wonders Montana (age 5–7)

Pondering what it takes to keep a bearded dragon healthy or a porcupine happy? On Animal Wonders, you can find out. This channel transports young viewers deep into the forests of Montana to a rescue center that's home to more than 90 rescued exotic animals. The videos teach animal facts, pet care, training tips, and how to respect all types of wildlife.

George the Farmer (age 5–7)

Whether it's farm to table or paddock to plate, George the Farmer is here to educate. Viewers are invited to embark on farming adventures around Australia, from tending to free-range chickens to harvesting nutritious chickpeas. This educational (and often musical) series inspires kids to learn where their food comes from and how important agriculture is to our everyday lives.

Learn Bright (age 5–10)

Learn Bright's educational videos are based in a classroom like you've never experienced. This mixture of live action and animation brings topics to life with kid-friendly facts and demos. With videos that explore topics like science, history, math, reading, and language arts, kids are sure to find something they love—and maybe pick up a new interest, too.

MinuteEarth (age 8–10)

Got a minute? That's all you need to explore our amazing planet! Using simple animation, MinuteEarth answers a range of questions related to nature, organisms, weather, and much more. From birds that hibernate in lakes to the hottest place on the planet and how to build better cities, these videos will have you on your way to becoming an expert in 60 seconds.

Mission Unstoppable (age 8–10)

From zoologists and engineers to astronauts and oceanographers: Meet the female movers and shakers of STEM! Through humor and easy-to-understand explanations, host Miranda Cosgrove (from iCarly) showcases the featured women's cutting-edge work and explains why their contributions are so important.

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These titles were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical, a free service from the for-profit Common Sense Networks.

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