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What online learning resources are available to supplement my homeschooling?

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Although few educational technology products are made specifically with homeschooling in mind, much of what gets built for classrooms -- and for learning in general -- works great at home. In fact, some learning tools that can be tough to make work in a classroom pay off big at home, where parents have more freedom and kids are guaranteed individual attention.

But how do you know what to look for? Make your search more manageable by looking for tools in three categories that are key to homeschool success.

Instructional tools. No homeschool parent is an expert in everything. Thankfully there are enough resources out there to fill instructional gaps. Here are some options that are chock-full of top-notch learning content. Some even have a scope and sequence and built-in assessments.

Creation tools. An important part of learning is assessment: a way to evaluate whether a student has or hasn't learned something. One of the best ways to assess student learning is by getting kids to show what they know through creative projects that build 21st-century skills. These standout tools do just that, and the best part? They're not subject-specific, so they can be used for just about any project.

Participatory communities. Kids thrive when they connect, collaborate, and share with each other in supportive, productive communities. By interacting with others, they also build social skills and learn how to be responsible contributors to the world. Here are a few kid-friendly communities that parents can trust.

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