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YouTube Kids Channels for Kids Who Love Cartoons

Tune in for wacky characters, delightful adventures, and lots of positive messages.

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When it comes to animation, imagination is only the beginning! Cartoons are a fun way to tell stories, but they can also help teach kids important things like emotional processing, problem-solving, and sensory perception. The entertaining channels listed here are full of relatable characters in silly situations, with learning opportunities itching to be found. What will your kid discover first?

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their high entertainment and educational value, making them easy choices for parents to say "yes" to every time.

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Dr. Panda TotoTime (age 2–4)

Why choose just one job when you can have many? From fighting fires to fixing tires, Dr. Panda is here to save the day! Kids join in as the characters come up with creative solutions that transform everyday challenges into hilarious learning experiences. Through engaging storytelling and charming characters, this series encourages problem-solving, social skills, and imaginative play.

JoJo & Gran Gran (age 2–4)

Meet JoJo and Gran Gran, the granddaughter/grandmother duo who love going on adventures together. Whether they're gardening, making a movie, or learning a traditional St. Lucian dance, they're always having fun. JoJo and Gran Gran also model positive behavior like kindness, patience, and creative problem-solving.

Mouk in English (age 2–4)

Based on a popular French children's book series, these cartoons follow Mouk and his friend Chavapa as they travel around the world on their bikes. Every episode takes viewers to a different country to discover new cultures and places. There's an emphasis on local traditions, customs, and music. Plus, kids learn about embracing differences and trying new things.

ZOU in English (age 2–4)

A young zebra embarks on daily adventures where he discovers and explores the world around him. Through positive social interactions and imaginative thinking, Zou turns everyday activities into fun-filled experiences. Viewers will delight in Zou's optimistic outlook and learn from his kind actions.

Bluey (age 5–7)

The whole family will fall head over "heelers" for Bluey! While kids are likely to love the silliness and make-believe scenarios, parents will appreciate the dry wit and relatable portrayals of (often imperfect) modern life. Bluey and her lovable dog family encourage kids to use their imaginations while inspiring the whole family to embrace creativity, problem-solving, and laughter through play.

Ricky Zoom (age 5–7)

Make room for zoom! Built for speed, Ricky Zoom is a little red rescue bike who's head of the Bike Buddies. He's a devoted friend and confident leader, but he often overestimates his abilities as he drives headfirst into rescue situations. This fast-paced, aspirational series teaches lessons of teamwork, friendship, and perseverance.

Marcus Level (age 8–10)

Ever wonder how it would feel to be a character in your favorite video game? Marcus Level can tell you! When he magically switches places with the star of his favorite video game, Marcus is in for an action-packed, imaginative adventure. Come along for the ride as he tries to master game levels, overcome shenanigans, and ultimately beat the game to return home to the real world.

Pincode (age 8–10)

Science and superpowers—what could possibly go wrong? Explore science in this animated series about a quirky superpowered crew that goes on adventures. Kids will enjoy following the fun stories while learning lessons in physics, chemistry, or biology along the way.

Sally Bollywood (age 8–10)

Can your at-home detective help crack the case? Join Sally, a young Indian detective who helps investigate mysteries in her neighborhood. Nothing is left unsolved when she uses the powers of deduction and inventive technologies. Case closed!

SlugTerra (age 8–10)

Go underground with this science-fiction comedy adventure. Eli Shane wants to be a slug-slinging hero, but these aren't just any slugs: They can transform into powerful magical beasts. There's plenty of action, adventure, and challenges to be found in this fun series.

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