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A thrilling story

This is a great book. It contains a good plot. This book is about a thrilling story about 2 brothers, John and Stewart, walking down a highway desperately wanting to know a word of the outside world and their dad who is on a business trip because the power has gone out. With the power out, armed adults came to their house and robbed their supplies. The brother at last decided the only option is to walk the trek of 96 miles under the boiling sun with 2 companions under almost the same situation. During the trek, they meet a ton of adults who are determined to rob even the amount of supplies the four have left. I have used this book for my summer homework. Though I think the ending has a bit too much violence. Having two teenagers trying to bludgeon to death for a bottle of medicine is probably not appropriate for children under 11. [THIS IS ONLY BASED ON MY OPINION]

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