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Read It! Great Story....

This was a great book! Very creepy, but if you keep in mind that it is 100% fake, you'll be just fine! Anyone who loves fantasy, mystery, comedy, and a little bit of horror should read this!

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Great role models
age 12+


This book was AMAZING!!:) i really enjoyed the mystery behind it. This book might be a bit "scary" but its a book i'd recomend to be shared with everyone. I hope a movie is made.
age 13+


I dont have much to say about this book other than its totaly awesome
not rated for age


I have read a few other books by Joan Lowery Nixon and I can't say that I loved them, but this book kept me in supense throughout the entire thing. It was definitely one of the best books I have read in a while!
not rated for age
not rated for age

couldn't put it down

This book was very awsome. It seemed like you were really in it. The four people are stuck in a old spookey house that seems to be abondoned. Read on and find out what happens to the four teenagers.....
not rated for age

It was okay...

This book wasn't that great. It had a suspenseful plot, but left me hanging at the end, with a bit of disappointment. I wanted to know more! Perhaps some people like that feeling of uncertainty - it gets their imaginations flowing - but I am one who does not. However unique the idea of the story was, the writing style was too generic for my liking.