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Fun imagined tale of Alexander Hamilton's sweet romance.
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Kid, 11 years old July 8, 2020


So... I'm a HUGE Hamilton fan (as you can tell from my username) and this book was fake, and that really disappointed me. I loved the storyline, but then after doing research and discovering that pretty much ALL of it was TOTALLY fake, made me mad at the author and wondering why she included fake stuff.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byelizabeththemus... May 21, 2020

Not Great...

There’s nothing “bad” that I can really say about it, but about halfway through I just didn’t want to finish it. I really enjoyed the beginning, but I found myself bored very quickly. I LOVE Hamilton and totally ship them, but I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byeverlee February 5, 2020

Worst. Book. Ever

I can't speak very highly of this book, but I'll speak frankly: it was horrible. The author obviously didn't read any sources or do any research on ANYTHING. The dates were all wrong, Angelica was married to John CARTER and it didn't come out till later that his real name was John Church. Angelica was already married when the ball happened. The book says nothing about the Kitty Livingston and Hamilton as a couple or any of the other girls he got with. It mentions nothing about love letters or Hamilton's trip to France. Stephen Van Rensselaer didn't take interest in Peggy till many years latter. The amount of kids Mrs. Schyuler had is incorrect. Peggy and Angelica never went to Morristown. And most of all, Henry Livingston and Eliza were never a thing! Many other significant details are wrong. Character wear revealing outfits, dirty jokes are made. Language that was most definitely not used in the 18th century was present. (g**d**n and other swear words). The biggest objecting is Henry Livingston trying to rape Eliza. There are some graphic details. In short, it's a horrible book, don't read it.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byCamille Reads February 27, 2019

A great book based off of Hamilton is sure to please

This sweet, innocent romance is sure to interest any teens who enjoy historical fiction. I would say it is very much based off of Hamilton the musical, but without some of the content that might make parents of younger kids worried. I personally love Hamilton and listen to the soundtrack all the time, so i was super exited to read about one of the main relationships in the musical. It follows the story of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler. It has a lot of romance, but it stays pretty innocent and clean. At the end ; however, there is a scene in which Eliza’s fiancé tries to sexually assault her. Alex comes and saves her before anything can happen. There is also some talk about the “secrets of an marriage chamber” and breast size. There is some milder violence such as talk of battles and the war. There is also talk of small pox and vaccinations. Overall I thought it was a great story of love, family, and courage.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byBroadwayDreamer December 31, 2018

Alex & Eliza

Throughout the book there are some things that are a bit suggestive, and there is discussion of cleavage, but most children who are above the age of 10-11 will survive. This story is very emotional and was the first book I had actually had got mad at a character in it in a while. Alexander Hamilton is the hero in this story. Keep in mind that this is set in a historical setting and there is violence because it is during the revolutionary war. There is one particular section that includes themes of sexual assault, where Eliza’s fiancé (while drunk) attempts rape. There is nothing very graphic or descriptive and Alexander comes and saves Eliza heroically. At the end of the book, a woman unbuttons her nightdress on the night of the wedding. That is as far as it goes with it however, and there is nothing else. This book is amazing and takes place before the Reynolds Pamphlet. There is a second and third book as well.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byHailey_J September 14, 2018

Disappointing. Not surprised

I have 3 problems wrong with this book. 1) The author’s only source is the musical: Hamilton. I’ve used more sources for my middle school papers. 2) The Reynolds Affair/Pamphlet is NEVER mentioned, I get it this is about Alexander and Eliza’s marriage, but Alexander’s affair was a VERY big moment in their lives and marriage, not everything can be sunshine and rainbows. 3) The author is rude to a Hamilton cast member at the end of the book. The author saw the musical with someone substituting for the actor of King George III, and said that the actor who took his place is better than the original actor, which is very rude considering she never saw the original actor in the role. A nicer way would be “I prefer this actor over the other in this role” NOT “This actor is SO much better than the original actor for this role.” Would not recommend this book due to historical inaccuracy and its plain out awful.
Teen, 15 years old Written bynaticue May 16, 2018

Alex and ELiza

Alex & Eliza, written by Melissa De La Cruz is a historical fiction/romance novel. The novel is about two young adults, Alexander and Elizabeth, living in the 18th century. The two meet in a ball, and from there on they start seeing each other more and more. Even though at first Eliza isn’t intentionally trying to find love, she finds it in the most unexpected place. Their lives will change forever, starting from meeting in that ball. The main point of views of this book are usually Eliza’s or Alex’s, but there will be some sections where third person omniscient is seen. While reading this book, I’ll admit that there were only a few parts that did drag on for a bit too long. Besides those sections, everything else was perfectly paced in my experience. The antagonist of this novel was Henry Livingston. I absolutely did not like him at all. He was only a snobby man that was rude to Eliza the time they were together. The main protagonist was clearly Eliza. She was very strong and persevered through obstacles that held her back from Alexander. For that, she is my favorite character of the novel, because of her personality. The major conflict of this novel was Henry getting in the way of Eliza and Alexander being together. Since Mrs. Schuyler sent that letter, Eliza had to be with Livingston since Alex is penniless. Meaning that both Alexander and Eliza must find a way to get back together. I really wouldn’t change much about this novel. Yet, the only thing I’d only have to change is adding just a few more scenes of Alex and Eliza on dates. With an overall experience, this was a lovely book. I’d definitely recommend this novel to people who enjoy reading sappy love stories or any Hamilton fan.

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