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All's Faire in Middle School

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age 11+

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age 12+

Not appropriate for prepubescent

I was expecting this novel to be similar to that author's Roller Girl - a graphic novel ive read twice with my 8-year-old. All's Faire caught me by surprise. I dont mind exposing my daughter to a bit of light boy-chasing, but I found myself skipping over some speech bubbles.... and then entire frames when the romance novel unexpectedly appeared! Not my cup of tea. And certainly not appropriate for a middle-school book. Guess I should have read the CSM reviews before I starting reading this

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Too much sex
age 10+

Have you had the talk?

Overall this is a great graphic novel. HOWEVER, if you haven’t had the birds and the bees talk yet.... you might want to pass on this until your kids are older. Mentions the word sex and quotes from a romance novel about untying tops. It goes no further.

This title has:

Too much sex