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* Parents note* I was not prepared for the mature topics in this book as it was filed in the children’s section of the library. In the book, the boys steal a girls period-stained underwear and fly it on a flagpole and another girl insinuates that all the boys must know where she keeps her underwear, because she is such a flirt. No punishment is given to the boys and the story just moves on. This is a huge violation and would be a criminal offense today. In another part a boy walks in on a girl while in the bathroom, and winks at the embarrassed female. A girl flirts with a boy, and a jealous friend asks her why she doesn't just climb into his lap already, to which the boy responds with an excited "Ah Ya!" A cruder version of the word nipple is used several times. I am not about banning books - but feel this one is not appropriately filed in the children's section of the library.
age 10+


this book was an okay graphic novel. there are some inappropriate love scenes you might want to watch out for. and it can also get boring at times. but there are some great messages saying not to bully. so I think it's pretty good.

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