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Dance of Thieves, Book 1

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Favorite Fantasy Read of the Year

Bless you Mary Pearson for giving us an angsty romance that doesn't feel abusive at any point. I really loved this! Jase and Kazi were a treat! We have some truly amazing character development in this. The banter was funny and playful, it really helped keep the story flowing. I attended an author signing where she mentioned this story was based on the idea behind what would happen if two enemies were locked in a room together. Would they kill each other or learn to get along? I love seeing how things unfold and the positive message that comes alongside it. It was so much fun to be back in this world and I enjoyed all the Easter eggs/cameos from the first trilogy. This book doesn't feel quite as "fantasy" as The Remnant Chronicles did, however there's enough hints of magic and classic Pearson twists/deception that I didn't mind at all. The story was a little slow moving in some parts, largely due to the length of it but it's headed in a great direction. There's a heavy focus on romance but with a bigger plot looming over it all. (Which I actually prefer but may be off-putting to some.) I am very happy with where the story leaves off and I think there are lots of surprises ahead of us in book 2. Overall one of my favorite fantasy reads of the year so far. Recommend for fans of: - Enemies to Lovers Romances - A Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson - Powerful Female Characters - Rags to Riches Stories

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