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Adult Written bykolobok April 9, 2008

Every 3 year old should read this book!

This is a fun book for your young children to read. It gives them a chance to finally say NO to something. This book works miracles in restaurants for my 2 3/4 year old. Whenever she is in a grumpy mood, I need to pull this book out and start reading it. She is all smiles after that!They only thing I didn't like about the book is they use the word HEY....
Parent of a 7 year old Written byeswanson April 9, 2008

Very cute book!

My 4 yo son loves how silly this book is. The author and illustrator have CLEARLY spent significant time with preschoolers 'cause they've captured kid's expressions of frustration and their desire to negotiate perfectly.
Parent of a 5 year old Written byKOhaver March 12, 2013

Silly, fun, laugh-out-loud

My son (now almost 6) and I LOVE Mo Willems' books! We were a little late in our discovery of Mo Willems. This book was our first, borrowed from the library on a whim when he was 4. We liked it so much and laughed every time we read it......and we read it over and over until we had to turn it back in! We ended up purchasing our own copy, which led to the discovery of other Mo Willems funny, silly stories. We highly recommend [Willems] Elephant and Piggie series. One of our favorites is "We Are In A Book". Whenever we have a down day we pick up a Pigeon or Elephant/Piggie book and it perks us right up. Perfectly fun for everyone - yes, even mom and dad! And while they are silly, they do include positive messages (sharing, caring, patience, etc.). The illustrations and dialogue on each page are simple so one does not detract from the other. My son has just started reading and this book, as well as Elephant/Piggie, have become great ways for him to begin reading his favorite stories. The sentences are easy enough for him to read and the larger print is helpful. Because of the minimalist style of the illustrations, there is not a lot of distraction to take away my son's concentration on reading. And because the stories are fun, my son finds reading practice less stressful (he can get overwhelmed when there are a lot of unrecognizable words).
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Parent Written byneens_b January 28, 2013

Great read!

This is a cute story that my 2 year old loves to read!
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Parent of a 12 and 12 year old Written byResponibleParentOf2 September 15, 2012

Great story!

Teaches children not to drive buses! Supporter of SOPA and ranter of evil school children like ImagineIt of Scratch, ResponibleParentOf2 signing out!
Parent of a 6 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 July 22, 2012

dont let pigeon drive bus

case of young children, right between the opposing parties. For young children (who think magically anyway), this is bound to be flattering and fun. Mo Willems, who has won five Emmys as a writer and animator of Sesame Street, makes a fine debut into the world of children's books. Families can talk about the pigeon's persistence. Why doesn't he take "no" for an answer?
Adult Written byJoe H. August 17, 2016

Don't Let the Republican Drive the Bus!!!

You've got to be kidding me. Why would you allow a couple of authors use your book and graphics to further the Democratic agenda. I was behind a car with a bumper sticker that read..."The pigeon is not driving this vehicle". We pulled into the same shopping center and I went over to the lady with the bumper sticker and asked her .... "What does that mean?" She told me it was a children's book by Mo Willems. When I got home I looked it up online and checked it out. I thought it would be perfect for my niece's son who is 3 years old. My niece checked it out but the first thing she found was "Don't Let the Republican Drive the Bus". She did not like that and said she would not buy the book. I don't know how much this would affect your sales but I think it is a very DUMB or should I say STUPID idea. I guess Mo is a Democrat and didn't think this out when he allowed those other two authors to do this. I think this would have been a very good book for my niece's son if we hadn't found out about this Democratic leaning. I know I'm going to be lamblasted by Democrats supporting Mo's right to do this. Yes, it is his right but a DUMB idea.
Parent Written bygracia0819 August 20, 2015

Not everything you want you can have

This one is a really funny story. And no wonder why kids will interact on this. It is a funny and silly way to let the children the perception of no. Best job Mo Williams
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Adult Written bybryanna jones November 3, 2014

don't let bryanna drive the bus

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Adult Written byladybug01 January 27, 2011

Perfect for preschoolers, not really for older children

I think that it is a good book because its fun and gets the child involved in the story.
Parent of a 1, 3, 4, 13, 13, and 16 year old Written byrachelinbar October 25, 2009

Fun to read, beyond the printed words.

Fun to read WITH the kids - they love to participate. My 4-yo knows the whole book by heart & the kids quote it often.