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THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why is EVRYONE leaving BAD reviews on this AMAZING book series! HAVE you even CONSIDERED how hard it is to write a book? Let's see YOU write a book! HARD, isn't it?

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
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age 10+

Different then the normal formula and it works

After book 7 being uhm unrealistic and just pop star diaries, it was nice to see more of a fairlytale dream one and it being based off the wizard of oz, this isn't completely canon as it only lasts a day but that's okay here because we KNOW its not supposed to be real life and canon this time, i kind of liked how brianna was pretty much the big hero for nikki instead of being the annoying sister,i loved how even the more minor characters gotten some role in this story from the 3 princesses to the mad hatter and its so interesting cause its not your average nikki chloe zoey brandon and mackenzie but its a fairy tale dream!
age 10+

Ok...I mean I liked it.

This was pretty good, unlike the 7th novel. I liked how they made this one kinda princess like. But it is better then the seventh one.
age 7+

Different Than the Other Books

The weirdest but most boring book.
age 6+

This is a okay book

This is very funny and adventurous!! In my opinion I think it is kinda boring. But for younger kids it would be a good choose.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 9+

It's fun, and just a tiny bit better than the previous books, but there are much better books that actually have meaning, so I would skip this one.

Fun, but it's just too stereotypical and superficial to be worth your time. Skip this book. You're not missing out.
age 17+

Least bad but not good

It is not bad like the other ones, but it is still very bad and negative. It teaches your little princess bad lessons and teach her to swear, be rude, obsessed with boys and looks and hate anyone that is girly. It turns your little princess into a savage.
age 18+

One of The Most Problematic Book Series You Can Let Your Kids Read

I read this series when I was younger, and looking back, I got a lot of negative messages from these books. The only things that are important in life according to these books are popularity, appearance, social status, etc. This book does not teach kids to be happy in life and focus on things that really matter: family/friends, passions, etc. Nikki is such a pessimist. She thinks she has the worst life ever when she has a kind family, good friends, enough money, etc. This book stigmatizes mental health conditions, using phrases like, "mentally ill weirdo", portraying all of the characters with mental health conditions as physically unattractive losers who no one likes, etc. The image Nikki portrays of how a girl should be is very problematic, she only cares about appearances and popularity, she is super dramatic and makes a big fit about small things, and she says, "OMG" so much that it gets annoying. All of the characters are pretty flat and not at all unique. Nikki and MacKenzie are always creating drama, which kinda portrays messages that you should pit women against women. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS READ THIS BOOK.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 9+

And the saga continues...

This book is ok I guess. Much better than the others. In this one, she gets knocked out Mackenzie with a dodgeball. This would not have happened had she actually participated and not just stood around! Also in the book, she is completely helpless and lacking survival skills. She also can’t think on her feet, resolving to yanking off a wolfs tale, which proves to have consequences. Although its good she inspires people to live the life they want. But Nikki, we want to see you be more adventurous, your not a 1900s Disney Princess. We want to see more from you!
age 11+

Bad Role Model

Nikki isn't the best role model for young girls. She doesn't stand up to bullies. She doesn't study a lot. In a later book she asks for a $79 lotion just for Picture Day, even though she knows she's on a SCHOLARSHIP for her private school that her middle-class parents couldn't afford otherwise. Also, the whole plot of the book is Nikki's unconscious dreams caused by a bully knocking her out in gym. She's a bad role model for girls. Read something else.