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Everless Review; Everything You need to know!

I think that Everless is an awesome book and a really good book to get you out of a reading slum. It can be quite heavy in some places but it’s not too bad. However, the reason I liked it the most is because Holland has written it in a way, which makes you experience the characters emotions and feel as if you ARE Jules (the main character). I personally think it’s a 13+ as there are some quite gory bits and a very descriptive kiss in places, however, I don’t think it would be that bad for a mature 12 year old. I think the only things that you should be taking into account is this: Sex: There is one quite descriptive kiss but it isn’t too bad nor too much. There is also a section where a guard attempts to touch a girls breasts however she defends herself and nothing much more is said and it isn’t very significant nor prominent! Violence: Blood is a prominent theme, which should be taken into account, but there isn’t too much violence at all, and where there is, Holland doesn’t go into too much detail. Characters: the characters are very likeable and relatable (in their own way) and all have their own unique personality, which constantly leaves you guessing. It’s very easy to establish favourite characters and experience the characters feelings towards them. Plot: the plot is very unpredictable and constantly leaves you guessing. In my opinion, you were always suspicious but could never quite work out until the end. Unfortunately, I thought it was quite a disappointing ending which came to quite a dull finish, leaving most questions unanswered. Undeniably, this is probably because there is sequel, but I still think that it should have left it on either, a bigger cliffhanger or more questions answered/ a bit more confirmation. In short, I would totally recommend this book to anyone who was looking for something good and gripping to read or just anyone who enjoys fantasy!
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Pretty good book!

All around it was a pretty good book! There was only like one thing that I didn't like about the story (I won't elaborate so as not to give away anything). Most of the time I didn't know what was going to happen next which was nice for a change. Parents may be concerned about: Sex: There was only one kiss. And a part where all the women lined up for the soldiers to see if they were pretty enough for a job at Everless, when they get to the main character he tries to grab her chest but she defends herself. Language: There was no language that I noticed. Drinking: There was some drinking with the main character and her friends in a bar. Violance: there was a good amount of blood and a character is stabbed and killed. Other: There were two mentions of background characters being gay. Though they were very brief. For example a librarian mentions his husband. I hope my review was helpful! God bless!
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Amazing with plot twists that will leave you shocked

This book is probably one of the best YA fiction books I've ever read. Holland came up with a story like no other. The whole idea of the story was well thought out and well written. While this book did have some violence, it was not overwhelming. There are very few kissing scenes which makes it more appropriate for younger readers. The only reason I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up is because blood is the main topic. Overall this was an amazing book and I can't wait for the sequel.

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