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Parent Written byfueledbychocolate June 29, 2014

Too much Inappropriate content for young readers

I liked this book as an adult for an ADULT. Warning - inappropriate content for pre-teens & younger kids. I start with this because my 12 yr old discovered this book because it was highly recommended by both her 6th & 7th grade English teachers (who I'm unhappy with).The story is written from the POV of a 16 yr old and contain topics, information and descriptions that some parents may find unsuitable for kids younger than 16. If you are a parent, I strongly suggest you pre-read this and decide if it is appropriate for your child and the information is presented in a way you are comfortable with. The following subject matters are present in the book: sex (multiple scenes/references - worst being Ex: Day 6020 p.227-233), homosexuality, drugs, pot, partying/alcohol abuse, depression, suicide...all these things the main character experiences visiting a different 16 yr old body each day. I do not make judgments about any of these topics, just want to state they are addressed to various degrees in the content. The Main Character regularly lies and deceives the adults in his/her life in order to ditch school and drive off to meet up with the object of his/her obsession. Not ideas I want my kids having or getting. I made the mistake of not pre-reading this book b/c a teacher recommended and I regret it. I wish my 12 yr old could "unread" this. That is my review wearing my responsible 'mom' hat. For an adult, it is an entertaining read with an interesting plot.
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Too much sex
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