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Parent of a 17 year old Written byinflatorNickelbread March 29, 2010
When I was reading this book, I thought that I was having a deja vu...many, many times over. Everything in this book seemed to happen twice. There was no 'climax' to the story, everything was expected and I remember poking fun at the fact that the most exciting thing that happened was violence towards a sheep (and that's one of the only things not repeted). The characters situation isn't at all relatable, either, or realistic for that matter. It's a slow read, I must say, but people interested in books with survival skills and wilderness may enjoy it.
Adult Written byimsosexy April 9, 2008

a great book

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Adult Written bywinfall April 9, 2008

Great book!

This is the story of survival of 2 teen boys in the arctic-like cold after their plane crashes. Lots of excitement. I highly recommend this book.