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Flawed Dogs: The Novel: The Shocking Raid on Westminster

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I really hope its not just me.

Is anyone even reading what they're writing in their reviews. I haven't read the book from beginning to end but I do know that at least two dogs die, one loses a leg in a bear trap, a dog gets shot, and one gets ran over, plus the dog fights and blood etc. Yet people are saying that 7 year old's can read this. I don't actually think you have to be 18 years or older (no way), I just think you shouldn't read it to begin with. It shows extreme animal cruelty.
age 8+

Cute and Meaningful

Very sweet quirky story...the pictures that go with it are a bit much, but overall very nice. My younger sister and I have both read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Takes a little bit to get going and has some violent (but not overly) parts. Perfect for a bedtime story.

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age 9+

Flawed dogs

Sam the lion is in trouble because of a mean dog named cassuis. thats all for this week dont worry i commet tommorow or next week
age 8+
LOVE IT!!! A bit confusing at times in the book, it is awesome! It has a bigger reason (at least to me) that is fun to figure you! (I LOVE PEACHES!)

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I loved 'Flawed Dogs'! Sam the Lion, is the main character and some of the things he tries to do are not okay. For one thing he wants to find and KILL Cassius, the dog that caused him so much harm. But, Cassius is even worse in his own way. He takes a lady's baby and pins it on Sam; also he tries to kill Sam for because a human loves Sam more than him. Then when the human tries to save Sam and figures out that Cassius was the one who took the baby, Cassius realizes that she won't love him anymore so he tries to kill her! I believe this is best for kids aged 10+ because it is so sad and because some of the things characters are doing are so not okay! Younger kids could also probably read it as it is not a very high reading level, but parents should either read through it first or read it to their kids themselves. This is a really fun book even though it has some really creepy parts. For one thing, the dogs make up this really neat plan: they pile up in the shape of a human under some clothes and pretend they are walking Sam. For the first 'part' of the story the relationship between Sam and Heidy (the human girl) is very sweet. Also even though the means he uses are not okay, it is sweet to see how much Cassius wants Heidy to like him.