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Gender Queer: A Memoir

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Positive Messages for Questioning Kids Who Need Support

I read this because of all the news about it and also because my child is non-binary and possibly trans. They read the book too, and we agree that it is amazing! It captures the confusion and the uncertainty perfectly. The author is sharing their experiences so that kids dealing with the same differences can feel safe and seen. The idea that the book represents some kind of "agenda" and is trying to "make" kids a certain way is ridiculuous. The author is telling how it was for them and isn't telling anyone to be anything. Yes, a few of the pictures are sexual in nature, but it's a tiny part of the book, and these kids have access to the most explicit stuff possible on their phones, so for a high schooler, they won't be learning anything new. My child's high school library has this book, despite pushback from the community, and as the parent of a questioning child who took comfort from the book, I am VERY glad of that.

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Explicit but healthy portrayal of sexual issues and gender identity

I'm rating this for 16+ because that is the unrestricted age of consent in the majority of states in the US, although it is higher in others. Discretion is advised. There is an explicit image of fellatio being performed on a dildo, but within the context of consensual sex between adults that is respectful, communicative and understanding. The book, overall, is an honest depiction of one person's experience related to gender and sexuality, including gender dysphoria, among other things. It could be very helpful for teens and young adults, and is well written and beautifully illustrated. I enjoyed reading it as a middle-aged adult myself, and related to much of it, although I do not identify as queer. It also gave me a better understanding of those who do. In short, a great memoir of childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood for mature readers.

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Absolute garbage! Do not waste your time and money on anything from this author.

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Too much sex