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Confusing but mind blowing at the same time

I really loved this book, but to be honest it took me a while to really get into at first. The unreliable narrator was definitely my favorable part, and most of the time you really dont know what to believe. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DATES AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH CHAPTER! THEYRE SUPER IMPORTANT!! That being said my opinion of the main character completely changed from beginning to end and its a thrilling ride. Very poetic writing style as well which makes the book super eerie and mysterious... Highly recommend to teens!!
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age 15+

Not that great, very dark

Content Warnings for this book: Violence, death of a parent, death in general, animal cruelty (mentioned), and a heavy warning for su*cide. Additional warnings for underage (I'm not sure on character ages) drinking, and one brief mentioned sex scene. This book was an interesting book, and not entirely in a good way. While I liked how the story was told backwards (starting at chapter 18, then moving down to chapter 1) and I found the plot intriguing, something about the book felt odd. Things didn't quite come together in the end, and the loose ending made me feel as if the story was incomplete. I'd also like to mention how violent this book was, several passages in the story were violent and had more details than I would have liked. I give this book 2 stars because it was very average, and not that good, but was still a mildly interesting read.

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Too much violence
age 14+

Really good book

I really enjoyed this book. It had lots of twists and turns, and everything you think you know turns out to be a lie. I also love the powerful words and opinions in this book.

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Too much swearing