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A Massive Failure

This book had a lot of potential to be really good. Potential that was not capitalized on. This book fell far below my expectations, so why don't I break down why I feel this way? Oh, and spoiler warning. 1. The story was contrived and boring. Everything Opal Hopper does is to meet Howie Mendelsohn and find out the truth about her father's disappearance because she thinks he killed her father. Interesting, right? The story does everything in its power to stretch out her meeting him, even when reasonably she should have met him earlier. The truth (when it finally gets revealed) is just a cop-out, an easy way to destroy the tension of it. Her father just gets abruptly killed off, but of course the owner of the biggest tech company ever WHO RECORDED THE WHOLE THING can't stop some random nobodies from framing him. 2. The friends to lovers trope TWICE. Friends to lovers as a trope is exhausting. Why can't two opposite gender characters be just friends? I'd be fine if they were gay (because those are the best relationships :D) but it's just a boring heteronormative relationship. Plus, Opal's just like "and I knew all along" as some sort of substitute for reasonable buildup. And then they do it AGAIN!!!!!! My disappointment with the relationships is incredible. They absolutely destroyed the platonic relationships of the characters, and that is unforgivable. Ella Enchanted and Heartstopper have wonderful buildup in relationships, why can't this do the same? 3. Message? What message? This story is in a world with super advanced technology. Does it have a message on the stress of being a content creator? Of course not! I don't think this story even has a message, to be honest. It was an irrelevant story that should have had a message but didn't. I could say more, but this book gives me too much of a headache to think about. It's boring and has no good characters, and only The Martian is worse than this. You can read the book if you reeeeally want to, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking