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Parent of a 2, 5, and 13 year old Written byPoppyViolet January 27, 2011

Great book

this is a great book! It's hilarious, and very realistic. it's great for kids 12+. you aren't doing your kids any favors by sheltering them from stuff like this just because of some language and vague references to sex. they hear worse things at school or even on TV. This book is about what real teenagers do, and it's not going to cause your children to get into drugs or anything like that, so don't worry. Fantastic book.
Adult Written byMissIcia November 24, 2010

A philosophical but funny and heart wrenching novel

This book is easy to read and is humorous at most times, despite the overall theme being sad. The characters are very diverse, and feature both realistic and fantastical qualities. This book adds in tidbits about Norse mythology, which was a fun added bonus. It mixes the genres of fantasy and coming-of-age in a unique way. There is mention of sex and drugs, but the sex is not very detailed or described, and the drug references are mainly marijuana. I enjoyed this book, because it made me feel all sorts of emotions, and rarely did I find a stale moment. It's perfect for teenagers, because even though the role model is not perfect, he's real. So many kids are like Cameron, and maybe reading a book with such a similar character who has some great philosophical realizations, will help some teens. I read it this year at the age of 19, and it changed the way I see the media, friendship, music, and life. It's a book that's just too many things to sum up in a small review, so I recommend it to anyone 14 and up.
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Adult Written bySarahK 3 February 17, 2015

It was good

i read this book a few years ago when i was fifteen and it really opened me up. i was at first very nervous about all of the cursing and everything about sex but as i read on the swearing was really not all that bad for me, sure it felt like it came out of left field at first but where wouldnt this be applied. as i read the story i enjoyed how the little details made me see the world differently. i read this book many times and i took away a different lesson each time. it seems there are two kinds of readers when it comes to this book however, those who love it and those who hate it, i am the one who loves it because of the lessons that it taught me, for example dont be afraid to go on an adventure for once, and that you really should be more patient with people. this book was also a book about death so it is a little grim at times as it alludes to it all through out but in the end you were taken on the most wild adventure. while again there is swearing and sex i know for a fact that many schools in my state make people read huckleberry finn which uses the 'N-word" and many books i read in elementary school, like the chronicals of narnia and such, featured swears too. i learned the word 'ass' by the second grade. so as long as your young teen knows what your policy is on swearing and such this book really should not be a hot button. let your child read it, its really good for them.
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Adult Written byrubbaduck4luck March 3, 2012


With the book trying too be corky and indie, it really fell flat. When I read the back of the book, I expected something really insightful about the author's view on "the meaning of life." I was really disappointed at not finding her message very original (but I guess that's a really tall order to put on a book about the meaning of life) You might as well stamped "Carpe Diem" on the book cover. I did not like how when Balder died, Cameron and Gonzo mourned for like two seconds and then just moved on with their lives. But I guess that's another point of the book; just get use to the fact of death and dying(?) I felt like relationships sprang up out of nowhere (Dulcie and Cameron) Did Cameron love Dulcie because that was the only girl who ever talked to him? Lame. Cameron wanted to have sex with every female character in the book (Dulcie, Staci Johnson, and the rebellious girl at the CESSNAB compound) Did he want to find love or just not die a virgin? The ending was incredibly stupid. What is reality anymore? Apparently it doesn't matter. I did learn a very little aspect of Norse mythology. That was cool.
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Adult Written bychussie March 24, 2011


The first half of this book is magnificent. It's funny, intriguing, witty, and entirely entertaining. Halfway through however you begin to realize that the story line is annoyingly repetitive and it's about 100 or so pages too long to keep interest. The ending was entirely bizarre and I felt like I had wasted a lot of my time reading the book. I was disappointed because I love Libba Bray and the beginning had so much potential. Overall, not a book I would recommend.