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Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village

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age 8+


there is not much to worry about. The violence is nothing worse than a boar getting killed and the only language is he** being used in the context of a place. Most of the book is poetry so if don't like poetry avoid it.
age 8+

A great story for people who like drama and medieval times!

This book is one of my favorite books ever! I read it when I was eight and loved it! One of my favorite things about this book is that when there are words the reader may not know the author puts the definition on the side. I love the stories and how we (the readers) get to find out about each character's life and who they are. I suggest the book for children eight and up, unless you don't like drama or are just starting to get interested in medieval times and are learning what the words they used mean as the author uses the way of speaking from back then, then you might want to wait until you are older.