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Educator and Parent Written byacr3079 April 20, 2013

Great Read

We spend family time listening to books together. My son does not like to read, so I've introduced the next best thing. Books on Tape. We both enjoyed this book and thought it would make a great kids movie one of these day. The plot, the suspense, the twist, the language, the life like characters just great. I identified with some of these characters . Totally amazing book. My son actually wants to follow along with the actual book in hand. I look forward to reading more books by this author.
Adult Written byKac April 9, 2008

its the coolest

it's the bizom yeah whoah that ws fun o.k. good bye...
Parent Written byPerspicacity May 22, 2012

My favorite modern children's book!

This book is hilarious! Snarky is the word that comes to mind. I would definitely recommend it for kids, but I would suggest parents read it first for kids below 8 or 9. That shouldn't be too difficult -- this is a book that is as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. This story's main positive message is that you shouldn't judge people by their appearances. However, it's told from the perspective of Fletcher, a kid, so that message only comes after he *has* judged people by appearances multiple times. It's sort of a subtle message-- I didn't realize how pervasive it was throughout the book until about the 3rd or 4th time I listened to it (yes, it's that good!) But sometimes subtle is stronger... This book does have quite a bit of "potty humor" -- boogers and farts and the like -- as well as over-the-top violence.
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Too much violence
Adult Written bydghsdfgh April 9, 2008

a must read book

i so captivated by this book that i could not put it down. i ment to read only 3 chapters but instead read the whole thing!
Adult Written bycolfer4ever September 19, 2010
Perfect for all ages and is some of the best reading you can have Colfer did another good job
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Adult Written byPooh Girl April 9, 2008

Bought It 4 my son.

My son loves the other books by this author and I found this book at my childs bookfair thought he'd love it he di then said I had 2 read it 2 and once I started it i couldn't put it down. Now I'm hoping that Shrkey & Fletcher Moon get "The Half Moon Investigations" underway. I just assume that was what Fletcher ment by "You're half right. It was very funny as well. Just wonderful!!!!
Adult Written byTeacher-mom April 9, 2008

Great for child and parent

I read this book with my 10 year old and she loved it. My 13 year old started listening in and he also thought it was great. Very clever story, well written, and funny. There is a little bit of violence with fighting but no one is hurt very badly. I definitly recommend it.
Adult Written byidkwatmyusernameis April 30, 2015
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