Parent reviews for I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

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Moving, eye-opening memoir of cross-cultural friendship.
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Adult Written byLK Evans October 11, 2016

I have an issue with the who their audience is...

I teach middle school literature and there are two pages of this book that made me decide I wouldn't assign this as an in-class novel. This was a GREAT book except for the description of Caitlyn and her friend drinking at a party, lying to her parents, and driving home going 90 mph with a guy she doesn't know. Then, she "feels bad" and even though she doesn't want to kiss him, she does. There are no consequences for her behavior and she walks away unscathed. It's just pointless to include this short event in the story because it has nothing to do with the plot and it stands out as inappropriate for those students who have a YA reading level, but aren't YA...

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Adult Written bykbheilig May 20, 2016


I think this is a book every child in the United States should read. I loved it! There's so much kindness and gratitude in it as well as a great realization about how others live outside of the U.S. To clarify some of the comments in the kid reviews…. I'm just going from memory of when I read the book about 9 months ago, but Caitlin (one of the primary characters) starts out in 7th grade and the book continues for several years. She writes about her personal life and she does mention developing breasts, but it is brief. She does not at all, in my opinion, go “on and on” about her “bodily developments”. When Caitlin gets older there were a few references to partying and drinking but these were pretty mild and brief, and just help to illustrate the differences between the concerns and daily lives of 2 teenagers who live in different parts of the world.....…. This is a sweet, happy story with so many good messages! Great for anyone grade 7 or above.

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Adult Written byLivinghere January 30, 2020

Awful book

I got this book to read with my son. It's very inappropriate. My son is reading about "boobs," "hot boys," etc. I am embarrassed as a mom that someone would write this way and horrified that I thought this could be a good book to read together. Wish I would have had a heads up before I bought this book. Maybe it's just a teen girl book. Definitely, definitely NOT an appropriate boy book at all!! Any good message is completely lost and instead shallow messages of the importance of needing to looking great, not worrying about school, boy craziness, adolescence self importance/absorbness come out.

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Parent of a 12-year-old Written bysravnsborg February 16, 2018

Inspired my son to give more

My 12yo son recently finished reading this book and really enjoyed it. It led to great conversations about how different children's lives are around the world. And inspired him to make a contribution to help other kids around the world to be able to go to school. Mom has to love a book that does that!

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