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Kid, 10 years old August 25, 2010

good enough

to keep me entertained, good for tweens and up
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Kid, 11 years old February 2, 2012

If a tree fall at lunch period

its a really good book its fast paced and surprising i thinks its more for girls though its one of the best books i read i wish there was a sequel to it i wold read it
Kid, 11 years old October 21, 2013
Teen, 14 years old Written bymariahnicole March 3, 2010

This book is a good book for everyone 12 and up.

I loved this book. I am 4teen and it was a very personal book for me. I am mixed and it taught me that some people may be racist but they are many more people who don't notice the color of your skin. My parents are also always fighting and she taught me how to handle it properly. I can relate alot to this story. People; the word "crap" is not a bad word. If you don't let your kid say crap; your over protective. Just sayin. (:
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Fr0m the PerspectivE of a Girl who doesnt liKe to reAd!

this book was aaight. The author did a good job writing it but should consider publishing a book just for teens. My sister enjoyed this book, she thought it was funny in some way. :)
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Kid, 10 years old November 7, 2009

Read this please, but not 9 and under

I really loved this book. I don't think kids under ten should read it though. BUT, I loved this book!!!
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Kid, 12 years old April 21, 2009


this is the best book i have every read. . . i loved reading it for the first time I love to read gross books and realistic books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YOU SHOULD READ IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT. . . AND IF YOU DON'T YOU'RE WEIRD!