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If You Could Be Mine

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Heart-warming and sweet

This novel about a girl in love is truely extraordinary. I love the protagonist so much, and the way she would do ANYTHING for the girl she loves is just so amazing. When I picked this book, I had overall high expectations, and the book met them!! This book talked so much about the LGBTQ+ community, and I thought it was so great (books with this much diversity are rare). It does talk about people being homophoic and transphobic but the protagonists talks a lot about why those people are wrong, and why being LGBTQ+ is normal and people in the community should be accepted. It IS pretty sad, but I think that the way that it was done was realsitc and not like the author purposely wanted a sad ending. Overall, I love this book and it even had some educational value.

This title has:

Educational value