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Adult Written byTrustworthy Reviews February 19, 2011

Good, book just for children older than twelve.

This book was very well written, however I would suggest that if you read it you are above the age of twelve, here's why: Some of the content, such as violence, mild-swearing, and some situations are inapropriate for younger readers. For example: There is a little more violence in this book than in the rest of the series, and the bad guys just keep achieving a new height of badness. Now keep in mind I like this book, I'm not suggesting that nobody should read this it, I'm just saying that you should be above the age of twelve before you pick it up and flip through the many pages of Inkdeath.
Adult Written January 25, 2009

My favorite author and book of all time! The best I have ever read!

This is a must-read book. If you like Cornelia Funke, you'll love this book. It has such suspenseful qualities to it that you just want to skip to the end, but know it will ruin it. It keeps you waiting until the next time you open it. Hard to put the book down. There is OK language, just OK, barely. Lots of violence, but not SOO fierce. I'll admit, if you haven't read Inkheart or Inkspell, this will make no sense what-so-ever to anyone. A lot of characters to remember, and places, and names. I made the mistake of waiting until the next year to finish the series, and had to reread the first two books. There is too much to remember for a long amount of time. Lots of magic, but it never bores you. I love the series, and was SOO sad when I finished Inkdeath because it's the end of everything. A lot of things were left open, so I want Cornelia to write another, but as it says, Inkdeath is the final book. Anyone who has a great imagination, loves adventure, suspense, and edge-of-your-seat fun, awesome book! I love the book and encourage anyone eligible to read it. Awesome on SO many levels, and the best book I've ever read by far!