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Into the Still Blue: Under the Never Sky, Book 3

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age 11+
I love this book and the books before it. If your under 9 it will be a bit advanced but if you like distopian novels this ones really good.
age 14+

Still leaves me with questions

I felt kind of disappointed in the ending; it didn't bring closure, I guess. For one there are too many deaths and maybe it didn't feel as realistic as it should be. I really wanted to see more of the characters like Kirra; I wanted to see why swore an oath to Sable, did he save her life or something? Plus the last chapter, I still wanted to see Perry continue to lead the tribe in some way and I wanted to see them have fun together on the last chapter when everything doesn't have any pressure. I also wanted to see how the Dwellers and the Outsiders got along after being stuck with each other after a few weeks, like if they're are any fights between the groups, just seeing how well they are adapting to each other. I don't feel that, heck I don't think that's even mentioned. I find myself wishing that Veronica Rossi had written a little more.

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