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Invisible Emmie: Emmie & Friends, Book 1

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age 13+

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age 12+

just "meh." Not educational. Maybe entertaining?

I read a few sections of this book over my 8 year old's shoulder and found it to be inappropriate for her, not because it was violent or used poor language, but because the messaging felt off to me. Lots of juvenile "how to attract" boys (by ignoring them) and how great it feels to be "adored" by a boy. Stereotypical, hetero-normative, middle school insecurity type stuff.
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age 13+

Why its 13 and up

The book doesn't have anything bad to make it to 13 and up but it is mostly about what a teen would be feeling in middle school and 4th and 5th graders wont get it as good as a 13 year old who most likely has experienced that before

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