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Spellbinding second adventure even better than first.
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Kid, 12 years old April 26, 2021

An amazing book, but be prepared for the death of two major characters (not SUPER major, but still pretty major) and a minor character (actually two but one of them we don't see the death of and we never really cared about her anyway)

Island of Silence is an incredible book! I really enjoyed it (or at least most of it). The beginning was kind of dull, but once the action started, it REALLY started. One of the deaths made me pretty much break down (although I still haven't really recovered from the death of a major and beloved character in a different book), and the other death, while not quite as sad, still happened in a really horrible way (probably more horrible than the other one to be honest). If you don't want your kids to read that STILL LET THEM READ THIS BOOK. I didn't regret reading it at all, and I can't wait to read Island of Fire. There is also some violence regarding the thorn necklaces that actually lace through one's neck. All in all, Island of Silence is really amazing book, if violent. You should totally read it!

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Teen, 13 years old Written byThalia Grace November 11, 2020

Love it!!

I actually think it's a little nicer than the first! When I read it I had to be in fourth or fifth grade- beginning of fifth at the latest.
So let's start off!
Sex: Nuh uh. Sure, more than last book, but literally it is JUST crushes, and one kiss. Alex has a lot of difficulty because he feels guilty for feeling a certain way about one girl when he'd always liked Lani- doesn't actually say they're dating, but they were more than friends. Samheed and Lani don't kiss, but they grow closer, since they were captured.
Language: Nonexistent basically
Violence: Eh. So yeah it's a violentish book, but it's advertised as being part Hunger Games. There are attacks on Artime that aren't really scary, the biggest thing would be the whole kidnapping Warbler does. Then Lani and Samheed are silenced with gold thorns being threaded THROUGH THEIR NECKS- but guess what?!? I loved that part Well not loved, but I distinctly remember thinking it was well a good book for it. And my review sounds worse than it does in the book. All it does is describe the screams of the people- and when they stop. Also, scabs and scars from them later being removed through a painless process. ALSO, Marcus Today is killed in this with FIVE heart attack spells, that Aaron throws. Over the top, right? But that's Aaron for you! Evil villain of the story SPOILER ALERT he becomes not evil later in the series, so don't worry bout that he is already having doubts.
And there are pretty good messages what with Alex getting through a really tough time, and Samheed and Lani too.
Thanks for reading this! Think that's all.

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Positive Messages
Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written bycranberry December 4, 2019

Book for all ages

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Kid, 11 years old February 18, 2019

Really scary

It's great, but when I red it, I got nightmares. Read it when you are old, so you don't get scared and not read it again

This title contains:

Violence & scariness