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age 9+

Best book ever!!

This is the best book I've ever read. It feels like a movie in book form. My favorite part I think was the epic cafeteria scene near the end. The characters are very relatable. At first, Shane sounds like a complete idiot, but as the book progresses, it eventually becomes abundantly clear why he hates Jaclyn so much. Fatima is a good friend to Jaclyn and Paige. Kids who struggle with trying to be perfect could really relate to Jaclyn. And the message is, ironically and coincidentally, pitch-perfect: No one is perfect. We know nothing's perfect, but we can make an exception for that message. And HOLY LORD. It can do drama! I love the "Heeere's Jackie!" vibes later on in the book. And I don't think ANYONE was expecting that EPIC twist with Miss Carver. This book was a delight from beginning to end and I can not recommend it enough. I am honored to be the first kid to review this AMAZING book on CSM. Great vibes, great characters, great story, and GREAT message. Well done, Annabeth and Connor, you two NAILED IT with this book!

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