Parent reviews for Knight at Dawn: Magic Tree House, Book 2

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Good idea, but the role models need better character!

I think it's great that this series is trying to get kids interested in non-fictional items (science, history) through adventure books, but the reading level is low for the age I feel would be appropriate. Annie says "dummie" and does not listen to her brother's advice. The brother says "I'm going to kill her." I also have a problem with the premise that the kids are sneaking around and keeping a secret from their parents. These are not good role models for kids. What can't we have some true heroes who stand up for integrity and are respectful in these kinds of kids books?
age 5+

Get beginner reader series

This book held my sons interest enough that he wanted to pick it up and read some himself. I just started reading from the Magic tree house series based on recommendations from 2 media specialists because I was looking for something to peek his interest in reading. This series did that! He is excited and gets into the stories. The sentences are nice a short and it is a series to intorduce hesitiant readers into chapter books.
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Not for my five year old.

I began reading this book to my five year old son who is interested in fantasy. I had to explain a lot to him in the beginning about the Middle Ages; which was a good thing. The good thing about this book (and series) is that it teaches children about different places and periods of time. The book has hints of violence through it. My son asked me to stop reading about half way through when the children get thrown into a dungeon. It was just too scary. Characters in the book were mean and the 7 year old sister was rude and behaved poorly. I wouldn't recommend it until a child is 8.