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So... it started out being 1 star, and the worst book I have ever read. I thought it was unbelievable, long, and... long. But then I read Bloodlines, another vampire book and I added 2 stars, because nothing beats Sydrian. Anyway, the story is simple: Twilight from Edward's point of view. I think that this is way too long. Some pieces were too short, like the car chase, which could have been good if Stephanie Meyer made it more thrilling. How can crashing cars, burning the same car, and otherwise breaking laws be so boring? Then there were 56 agonizing pages of The Meadow. Don't read that. Ever. It's literally 56 pages of nothing. The most exciting thing in that chapter was - wait for it - Bella moved her hand a little! Wow! I give this 3 stars purely for Alice, who is such a nice person and so supportive. She's a good friend to Bella. Besides Edward, the one person I could not tolerate was... Bella, who was really not the brightest. Like, never the brightest. Or Rosalie, who kept threatening (I am not kidding) to burn Edward's car. If you've read Twilight, and if you want to read this, I think it's ok for 13+ because it's more violent and you need to be willing to stick it out as well.
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Wider view point.

Yes, it´s from Edward´s perspective and his perspective is wide. So you get everybody's point of view and there is an underlying theme of family and teamwork that comes through in the novel which enriches the original story. I loved it! Stephanie needs to rewrite all of the books from Edward´s perspective.

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Great role models
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Same old drivel

I read all her books as they came out, because as a literature teacher of middle school I like to keep up with their reading preferences. Even with this current book, her writing style is so bad. I know its appeal is for the teens and the plot is what they like, but her writing is atrocious...repetitive and sloppy.
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The author should be ashamed of herself. There is not one new thought, action or spoken word in the entire book. I was expecting some new insight into Edward, I found none. The book was just a rewrite of the first but boring, repetitive and lengthy. Such a waste of time and money. She's talking about a second book...please don't bother.