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Parent of a 10 year old Written byjammarkidd March 8, 2010

not that interesting, and not suitable for elementary children!!!

My 10 year old fifth grader was required to read it. I think the language is appalling, and that the beheading and violence and gore are completely inappropriate for a child this young. We do not use this kind of language in our home, and we do not attend media events where it is used or allow our child to do so. Why then, do we choose "newberry award winning novels" for 10 year olds (their teachers do) that slam them with this stuff? What happened to the classics?
Parent of a 7 and 11 year old Written byyantar April 13, 2011

14+ not younger

Way too violent and graphic for my 11 year old. Execution and other killings described in detail and in first person
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Adult Written bymoviemadness April 9, 2008

Sad, but important

My Brother Sam Is Dead is an incredably sad, but honest portrait of Revolutionary life. Important for teens to read, because it does not gloss over any of the difficult decisions and moral quandries of wartime.
Parent Written byAmericanmom22 July 22, 2012

Good book but beware of subtext.

My 10 year-old was required to read this and it was a pretty good book about the life of business and other concerns of a family trying to survive and run a business during the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, the book ends with the authors suggesting that perhaps the Revolutionary War wasn't necessary or worth the struggle. Do the authors really think that Britain would have finally said "Okay, America, go ahead and have your own country, we're sick of your whining". Pleeeease!! Parents, be aware of the subtext in everything your kids read.
What other families should know
Educational value
Great role models
Too much violence
Adult Written byModecaiBlack June 11, 2011

The writer's skill is worse than the violence or language.

The Language and Violence aren't appalling to me; when I read this back in the eighth grade, we were already using the dreaded "f-bomb". I just think that it's exceedingly poor writing, with terrible lines such as "Ned's head popped off". I mean, really? I can excuse violence and language, especially if it's backed by good writing or an emotionally significant message (see: Looking For Alaska). But I can never excuse a poor author.
Adult Written bybabyinu April 9, 2008
the book is about a family in redding conn. sam the older brother has just come back from yale