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Teen, 13 years old Written bynoveleater November 7, 2010

A fun read, but a little slow.

Wow. This book is a really interesting novel about surviving on a deserted island. An adult is murdered, by only a kid. (!!!!!!??????) A kid is shot at multiple times, and a boy drinks beer, which gets him pretty, darn sick! They make beer, and there is a scene where a lady is in labor and her baby is born with the help of a girl. There is drawings done by the boy showing a girl's chest. And then draws a picture of a boy with his lower waist showing. There is singing, and a giant wave nearly kills a man. The language is what you would expected on a deserted- island- plot- book, if you know what I mean. I wouldn't be too worried about young kids reading this, just as long as they aren't learning anything they haven't before, like the difference between a girl and a boy. There isn't blood, and your child would probably learn a few things, as a lady's modesty is a man's priority in this book, which is true. I liked this book, but the reason why I gave one less star, is because of the humor that isn't there. I have read other Terry Pratchet books and have loved them because of the humor, but this book was missing Terry's charm. See 'ya and enjoy!
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Teen, 13 years old Written bylilahcraig October 31, 2014


This book is about a boy who survives on a deserted island with few companions, and how he learns to create relationships with people he wouldn't normally hang out with. Terry Pratchett did a really good job portraying the emotions of mature young teens and getting you to feel their sensibilities as well. This book has a lot of positive messages, but there is some mature content that adds to the story.
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