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Moving Depression-era story of friendship, loneliness, fate.
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Adult Written byTaylor B. January 23, 2013

My opinion

I believe this book was a very good book for the minds of young adults. I only gave it 3 stars just because I believe it could have been better. Yes, it was a fascinating book but I absolutely do not like how it ended. A little bit more detail to the whole book would've been great. It was a short book, I would of enjoyed it if it had more intense moments and just more events that actually took place. I did enjoy this book to no extent and I'm ecstatic that our school provided this book to us.
Parent Written byJRae2 September 1, 2014

Not worth reading

I prefer to have my child read books that will improve their language. The language, violence, and sexual content of this book does not uplift or improve the vocabulary of any student. I feel there are other books that address the same issues without exposing kids to such foul and degrading language.
Adult Written byboomergage January 23, 2013

Great Book

I liked this book. Its one of my favorite books. It has many good morals. It kept me wanting to read. I thought it taught good morals. It had some cussing but i use that language everyday. I was able to connect with it better. I thought it was a really good book and everyone should read it.

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bynanmak January 23, 2013

Of Mice and Men

The book Of Mice and Men was an okay book. It was very sad book, and it didn’t have the best language in it. Its not a good book for kids has too much violence and like I said language. The book is mostly about an awkward relationship between George and Lennie. Lennie is a big baby and George takes advantages of Lennie.
Parent of a 16 year old Written byneredn December 7, 2015

Very captivating

I would like to start off by saying, everyone should read this book. Of Mice and Men is a classic, with very strong message. i really loved it when, George tell story to Lennie about the farm they would own someday. I really like how Steinbeck set up the settings of the story. It teaches good morals, value of friendship. i really found it very exciting or more realistic, when there was a use of profanity. The ending of the story took me by complete surprise. I would recommend this book to people who like reading and people that wont get offended really quickly

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Adult Written bypandaandpaulina99 August 26, 2017
Adult Written bysnkot December 9, 2015

This book was introduced in the first semester of my English class, at 11th grade. I thought it was going to be boring, so I slacked off, but when there was a class discussion it snatched my attention towards itself. During the discussion, I would wonder in my mind, thinking about why Lennie and George traveled together or why they did not live with their relatives , or why they did not have a house. If they had a house maybe Lennie would not die. I came to learn that this book was written during the great depression, so it naturally had the poverty element in it.
Adult Written byTeensparent October 10, 2018

Both of my kids hated this book

Both of them had excellent teacher in middle school with whom they red Shakespeare and George Orwell, and were learning about Greek mythology, and so much more really interesting stuff. High school English program was huge disappointment, especially Mice and Men. It's a very sad story with bad language, and there is nothing new or inspirational about it. So, I believe it's wrong choice for 9 graders.
Parent of a 12 and 15 year old Written byKitsmom September 25, 2018

I forgot how sad this is-spoiler alert

This is a classic story that most parents have read ... I whipped through it again because my 14 year old freshman son is reading it so I thought we could have some interesting discussions. I recalled some great themes about loneliness and how poverty during the depression and the struggle to survive caused people to treat each other with suspicion and meanness. But good lord, how sad and frustrating this must be for kids his age to understand and absorb!! I had completely forgotten the details. In fact I think I blocked the plot out of my head because it’s just so miserable to dwell upon. My son is sensitive, so just the accidental killing of the of the puppy is going to be tough to reconcile in the context of disability. And the same is true for the death of the woman. The ending of having to shoot your own friend to spare him the terror and suffering that were imanant- yikes! That’s just really difficult for today’s kid to wrap their head around. With so many social services available now- it’s probably a good discussion and exercise to try to imagine the level of poverty and the general lack of civilzation that was America during the depression..... but this is just a really gritty, downer story for kids who are only beginning to read classical adult literature. I read Les Meserable as a freshman, and though the ending is sad, it’s a LOT less despairing and hopeless. In fact the beautiful ending is filled with hope which is something I think teenagers appreciate. Les Mes is probably too long for today’s reluctant readers, but wow, Mice and Men would not leave me feeling like I wanted to go back for more at this age. It’s like forcing kids to eat boiled brussels sprouts and then wonder why they decide they don’t like vegetables. Not to say they should be fed brain candy either, but right out of the gate something a little more palatable would be better. I would say this is a better book for an older student- Absolutely a five star classic book with many important themes for adults and older students with more life experience, but a little too painful for many young adolescents. There are other better choices for early teenagers in my opinion.