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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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Pretty good manga

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For anyone going anywhere

We started our daughter on Seuss young, and read something of La Jolla's most famous weekly. This is her favorite. What's lovely about re-reading Seuss is the catchiness of his rhyming scheme, we started reading this book in my daughter's infancy, she's nearly four now and knows it so well that she tacks on the final couple words of each line while I read. I always say my daughter's full in between 'be your name...', and the 'B' names Theo provided; this little improvisation always incites excitement in my little one; try it! I also substitute all male pronouns for female ones, 'Ready for anything under the sky. / Ready because you're that kind of a guy!' turns into 'Ready for anything [in the whole wide world]./ Ready because you're that kind of [girl]' I hope your little or big kid connects with this book, it's an inspiring one!

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better for 16+

its more of a book for teenagers my age, im almost 18, and i found when i reread the book after about 6 or so years i connected to it a lot better. (i had to write an essay on 2 books from my childhood and i chose this book) its better for 16 year old's and up because its about leaving and going out in the world on your own.....but that's just my personal opinion.

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not a.....

not a great book
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