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Out of the Blue

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age 12+

a great book for anyone

i was 11 when i first read this and i really loved it. the only thing that would be 13+ is swearing. there are some swears. and near the end they get into a car cash. and the main character hides things from her father after the day her mom died and it talked about how. she fell and cracked her head open. and you get attached to the main character then later find out that she is part of the lgbt community. you find out one of her ex's was a girl and i just love how they just casually put that in and it can teach kids that lgbt people are just like them and its okay to be lgbt. and when she meets one of the other girl characters and they are alone, you would think they would do adult things, but the only thing that happens is that they almost kiss. but other than that, the book is good for kids. if your kids are mature, then go ahead and get them this book. the angle named teacake is such a lovable character and the ending leaves on the cliff hanger so maybe they will make another book

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