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Slow Beginning

Though this has a slow beginning it has some great plot twists that I was not expecting. It speeds up toward the middle and by the end you want to read the next book to fine out what's going to happen. Also this book is not a romance for those of you who wanted to know.
age 12+

What's In It . . .

I thought that this book was a great book. I say that it had a great strong female character, and for the parents that worry about romance in books. Well I say as a kid thats addicted to romance books it has not that much romance besides the part were one of the laws is that any kid 18+ has to get pregnant as much as possible. Which is crazy so that's a warning for protective parents or parents who have not had the talk yet with their child, you know... "The Talk" . Any ways back on topic there is some Violence, They are always talking about war and strategizes. I think 10 & 11 year olds can read this as long as they are at least a little mature and 12 and up kids will be mature enough by then to understand what is going on in this book. Yes I know this is a really long review but bare with me here. There is talk about the devastation going through the 50,000 people still alive in america because every time a baby is born it only survives hours then dies from a sickness called R.M.
age 14+
age 12+

Awesome Dystopian book for pre-teens/teens

This is a wonderful and intense story about love, sacrifice, perseverance, dedication, and survival. After over 99% of humans were wiped out by a mysterious and deadly disease known as RM, the survivors joined together in Long Island to rebuild and find a cure for RM. Kira, a teen growing up in post-apocalyptic America, is a worker in the maternity ward of the hospital and is tired of seeing baby after baby die. In the 11 years since the "Break" no infant has survived past birth, due to RM. With no cure and little hope for the survival of the human race, Kira decides to take matters into her own hands. This is fast paced and intense, and a great read for those who love dystopian novels. Throughout the book there is much violent fighting and many casualties, although nothing is described overly graphically. This is a wonderful book, and I am looking forward to reading the following books in this series.

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