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Girl learns words, family matter in fun, imaginative story.
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Kid, 10 years old May 27, 2021

What I loved & what I thought could be better

These are the things I loved about the book. Polly Diamond and the Magic Book is a fiction story. The author did pretty well because in real life, most books don't talk to you and give you the thing you wrote in the book. For example, if I wrote “Carrot,” I wouldn't have a carrot from a normal book. I like when she uses a little bit of figurative language even though the magic book, named “Spell,” only takes things literally. In a part of the book, Polly Diamond wrote something inside Spell, and it said, “Paint our bedroom wall aquarium blue” (“our” means her’s and her little sister Anna’s bedroom). Spell made the whole bedroom wall like an actual aquarium with painted fish that swim and act like real fish. I also like when the illustration shows the literally painted aquarium blue walls, but it doesn't show the color (aquarium blue is a color). I loved that Polly Diamond had a sibling. I can connect to that because I have a sibling; I understand how she was a little bit annoyed by Anna. Also, I liked that the book had a series (although I didn't love the second book).

These are some things that could make the book even better. One thing that I thought that could be better in the book are some sneak peeks. If the author had some sneak peeks in Polly Diamond and the Magic Book to the next book, Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair, that would be nice. Also, maybe add more books in the series? Also in the book, when Polly Diamond was invisible, I would recommend making her a bit transparent because there were only sparkles around her. I think something else that would make the book better is some color because the illustrations were only black, gray, and white. Additionally, some of the language may be confusing. For example, when Polly Diamond said she was going to write “rabbit horde” or “rabbit burrow” to describe coziness, that might have been an idiom. Also, if you don’t know a word or an idiom, you might get confused. Maybe add some cliffhangers in the book, too.
Kid, 8 years old March 16, 2020

Good Book.

The book is very, very good. There is a magic book. It is simply good.

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Kid, 9 years old January 17, 2020

It is silly and fun to read!

Polly Diamond is about when Polly gets a magic book that writes back to her, and can also make things she wishes come true. Things could get out of hand.
Polly Diamond and the magic book is a funny and silly book. It is full of imagination and if you like magic (like turning your self invisible) you are probably going to like this book.

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Kid, 7 years old November 19, 2018

Fantasy Kingdom

I think it was very exciting and I kept on reading it and I didn't want to put it down. So much fantasy, I got lost in the words.