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Positively Izzy: Emmie & Friends, Book 2

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Be aware of references to "dirty magazines" and "xanax".

My 10 year old daughter checked this book out at the school library. I had to explain to my child what an "affair" is based on a reference that Izzy made at the beginning of the book. No big deal but then it piqued my interest and I decided to read the whole book. I'm glad I did. There are two other items included in the book that I do not feel are appropriate for my children who are currently 10 and 11 years old. 1) Izzy references her older sister sneaking out of the house to visit a friend that Izzy's mom doesn't approve of and "they sneak-read her dad's dirty magazines in the bathroom". 2) Izzy references her a conversation between her mom and aunt reminiscing and laughing about "when I told you I slipped a xanax in Mom's oatmeal and you believed me". I'm not interested in my child checking out this author's books from the library. I want to control the messaging and context when it comes to conversations with my children about porn and drugs. I don't need an author to plant these subjects in their "youth" book and make these important issues sound so nonchalant.
age 7+

This is a good book!

I think this is a good book! I loved the twist at the end!

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age 8+

best book

it is the best book i encourge you to give this to yourkids they will enjoy

This title has:

Educational value
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