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Good message, strong characters.....but....

I loved the message of this book. The idea of different kinds of people with different backgrounds and different belief systems really resonates with me. I also believe the two main characters are extremely strong and the author pulls you into their relationship wanting to know more and how their story plays out. My biggest criticism is the underlying and pervasive sexual undertones. It is constant throughout the book. It is glorified and gave an almost ‘every teen does it’ feel as well as a feeling that every teen needed to have a sexual experience. I felt this completely distracted from the main theming. Language was also prevelant through the book and used many profane words as well as perverse descriptions, ‘dick pics’ for instance. Overall, this book is a great read for an older teen or young adult. I was disappointed the author didn’t dial back the sex and language to make it acceptable to a wider teen reader population, a population that needs to hear the message in this book.

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Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing