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Greek myth has some intense aspects; OK for older kids.
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age 14+
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Teen, 13 years old Written byQuiver August 16, 2009

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“Quiver” is based on the story of a girl name Atalanta, who was abandoned at birth. As she grows up, she learns that the Greek god Artemis saved her. She then takes a vow of chastity and devotes herself to Artemis. At only 16 years old, she is known by some as “The swiftest mortal alive”. She is also very skilled at archery, and in search of glory and respect, joins a very dangerous hunt. After drawing first blood in the hunt, her father King Iasus, who abandoned Atalanta at birth, wants her to come back to the kingdom and marry, since she is the only heir to the throne. After receiving dreams from Apollo, most importantly advising her not to marry, she sets off towards her father. When he asks her to marry, she creates an agreement. Any man wishing to marry Atalanta must first beat her in a race. If they do not win, they must die. Many men come from far away, trying to beat Atalanta in a race, and all fail. Hippomenes, a man who has been in love with her since the day of the hunt, hears about the many failures, and realizes he has no chance of beating her without help. He then seeks the goddess Aphrodite. She gives him three golden apples, which will distract Atalanta enough for him to win the race. The day of the race, the Greek god Eros comes down and pierces Atalanta’s heart with a love arrow, so that when she sees Hippomenes, she instantly falls for him. With the help of the three golden apples, and the merciful love of Atalanta, Hippomenes wins the race. After she learns of “Cupid’s Arrow” and the truth of the golden apples, she runs to Zeus’ sacred grounds, to pray, and ask forgiveness. Her husband races to apologize, and afterwards, ‘blinded by love’ Atalanta breaks her vow of chastity. As punishment, Zeus changes them into Lions. They learn to communicate without language, and end up having a baby cub. Still in love, they are accepting of their new way of life, and live contently.

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Teen, 14 years old Written bychellebelle101993 April 9, 2008

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

this book is based on a girl by the name of atlanta who was abondened at birth, later as she grows she belives a greek god by the name of artemeties saved her life there for she made a promise never to marry her whole life was dedicated to 1 greek god she had never met! Then the father that had abondand her at birth returns looking for a new eire because he was not as he says/feels was gifted with a male. So he forces atlanta to marry,she did not want to reveal her promise that she made to artmeties so she bargings with her father. "if a mortal man can beat me in a foot race i shall marry him, if i beat him he shall be exacuted." She thought it would keep people away but she wasnt succesful. Men came to the race but only left to see god!Then 1 day came along hippomenes a man who has loved her ever since she joined the hunt! He knew he couldnt beat her so he needed some help, so he went to the one and only god oes or as we know him now cupid. He blinded her with love i guess you can say. well he won but later she found out what happened and ran away an apology came after and the had sex on Zueses sacrid ground and as their punishment he turned them into lions a few years later she is awoken by her husband with a nidge and a newborn baby cub!