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Rapture: Fallen, Book 4

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The series overall was really exceptional and I love it like crazy. Lauren Kate is a fantastic author. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the ending. It ended on such a cliffhanger that didn't continue in Unforgiven. They went through all the trouble in the whole series and it all gets erased. God or the Throne asks them to pick a side Heaven, Hell, or love, they pick love for a price. They won't remember each other and they will be born again as mortals, since Luce and Daniel are both angels. Of course, they choose love. They meet each other more than a decade later at college. They feel like they look familiar. Then it just ends! There was an epilogue that explained that Myles and Shelby end up married and Shelby has had kid and is also currently pregnant. Which personally upset me, I was rooting for Luce and Myles. At the end of the book I ended up going for Luce and Daniel. The sad thing was that Gabbe, Molly and Dee died. At the end of the book they talk about Annabelle, Arianne, and Roland but not Cam. Everyone said that they should have talked about Cam more and I personally agree. Cam was an amazing character, but I'm still for Luce and Daniel. I finished Unforgiven, and you should definitely read it as well if your a Cam fan.
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I read this book in a couple of hours!!! I loved this series so much and sad this was the last book!!! I wasn't happy with the ending though, even though it was a happy ending it wasn't the happy ending I expected or hoped for!!!

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