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Adult Written bywinfall April 9, 2008


Hard to believe CSM's review says OK for 14 year olds!! Lots of teen drug and alcohol use. Step-by-step instructions for teen foreplay. Long detailed description of a character buying condoms and having sex for the first time.
Adult Written byblissfullygone March 24, 2010
I read this book when i was a little bit younger then 15 i wont lie. But to be honest, i loved this book, in fact its one of my favorites. Or rather, it is my favorite. It touches some sketchy subjects sure, but its no worse then what bullcrap you see on tv now anyways. All this sensitizing, and idealistic bull that teenagers cant understand sex, drugs, and infedelity is retarded.
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Adult Written bycranteach February 5, 2009

well-written, but disturbing

Parents should know that a teen character in this book has sex with a teacher, and there are no visible conseqeuences for the adult. That was really disturbing to me, and I would want to talk to even an older teen about the issues that that raises.
Adult Written byluccaflspuss April 9, 2008